Healthy Soil

Rich, healthy soils are a building block for productive farming. At Middelton Farm, soil is kept vibrant with nurturing and attention, and some help from natural supplements.  

Middleton supplements the soil with compost from our own farm.  Leaves, overly ripe fruits and vegetetables, and tree trimmings are piled high in our compost bins.  Over time, this organic matter turns to nutrient-rich food for the soil.  

Like humans, dirt needs rest to regenerate and stay strong.  At Middleton, we let some areas lay fallow for a year or two, to give the soil a break.  We also rotate our crops, moving items from one area of the farm to another.  This allows for different nutrients from different plants to enrich the soil.

Happy soil helps to grow happy plants!  At Middleton, we work hard to keep our soil healthy.



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